Wyntec, LLC was established in 1997 after years of watching businesses struggle with their data. Wyntec stands for ‘What You Need Technology’ and that remains the mission to this day. The last 26 years have been focused solely on DataOps services and providing clients with the technology services they need. Wyntec has offices in Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado, and New Jersey.

   In the early days, Wyntec developed A2B Data™ to revolutionize the way data transforms and to minimize customer struggles with data movement. This product allows Wyntec DataOps to stand out from the competition by moving data faster, more accurately and with less overhead. The tool is the backbone of Wyntec’s service offerings and part of our ‘services backed by tools’ philosophy.

   Wyntec data mentors are engaged on projects specifically to meet client needs and expectations. They are experts in both the industry and DataOps processes. This combination of technology, expert resources and industry-specific design allows Wyntec to come in and help clients from the first day on the project with little to no ramp up time. Wyntec also pioneered the Pod concept for matching resources to projects, so the resources are available when they are needed for as long as they’re needed. Plus, our engagements are delivery-based, so clients don’t pay until we deliver.

   Unlike large consulting firms that stretch themselves in whichever direction they can find work, Wyntec has remained true to the DataOps domain, specializing in end-to-end data processing from sourcing to warehousing to ultimately provisioning the data. We have also strategically focused on domains that we know and can support with healthcare and health insurance as our flagship domains. Because of the long-term, professional, and ethical relationship we develop with clients, Wyntec remains a best kept secret in data movement.

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