Welcome to A2B Data™:

A knowledge-based information generation and actionable insights delivery platform

Now your Analysts have the power to dynamically transform your enterprise data with ease.

Don’t sweat the tech

You no longer need to worry about today’s ever-changing technological landscape. Whether it’s emerging trends such as AI-infused analytics, or the variety of data fabrics offered by Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM and Oracle, we’ve got you covered. Wyntec’s mission is to easily integrate with all platforms, and when new technologies arise we’ll incorporate them when they’re needed.

Our motto is, and will always remain, “any source to any target”.

Product Capabilities

A2B Data™ is more than just a tool – it’s your key to unlocking better business insights. We offer three inter-related Product Features that provide:

  1. Simplicity: Make complex data integration tasks easy for both non-technical and technical users
  2. Efficiency: Save you significant time and effort for your data integration initiatives
  3. Innovation: Leverage cutting-edge capabilities that are unparalleled in the data integration arena

Product Features

Additionally, we’ve used these Product Features to develop two game-changing Solutions that can:

  • Modernize your existing data integration platform to lower costs and provide new insights into your data ecosystem
  • Revolutionize the delivery of enterprise analytics in your organization.


Automatically converts mappings from your current data integration platform, and provides highly valuable additional functionality, self service capabilities and cost savings opportunities.

Leverages the A2B Data™ platform, our powerful pre-built collateral, and your existing data ecosystem to completely change how enterprise analytics are delivered in your organization.

Easily tailor your next step to your specific needs by using our flexible Call to Action page, where you can sign up for more information, schedule a brief Discovery session or schedule a Product Feature demo.

Make deploying your analytic solutions easier for everyone

Unleash the power of a platform built upon a knowledge base that has been developed over the past 25 years.  A2B Data™ tackles every challenge for everyone involved in your analytic initiatives – Analysts, Managers and Architects.


Are you frustrated with the long wait times to obtain the data insights your information stakeholders are demanding? Wouldn’t you like to leverage a powerful knowledge base and valuable, domain-specific collateral to speed up the deployment process for your analytic solutions? Wyntec A2B Data™ empowers you with true self-service capabilities, dramatically boosting the speed of your analytic initiatives. No more waiting for developers who lack domain expertise and don’t understand your requirements! Our platform automatically generates code, providing you with lightning-fast insights in just hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Explore our Data Integration, MetaInsights and Platinum Layer product features to learn more about what we do and how we do it.


Are your current data integration platform license fees and resource costs burning a hole in your budget? Wyntec A2B Data™ provides a highly flexible subscription-based pricing model that significantly reduces your data integration overhead and costs. What’s more, we believe in true risk sharing – you only pay us when we deliver! Gain a competitive advantage with better data insights and mitigate the risks to your data integration initiatives.

Click here to learn more about our flexible Pricing Model and unique Risk Sharing commitment.


Keeping up with the ever-changing data integration technology landscape can be daunting. Wyntec has your back! Spend less time worrying about technology trends and more time crafting the best solutions for your organization. Our unique knowledge-based, metadata-driven platform comes with over 40 pre-built design patterns, including 7 different options for Change Data Capture (CDC). Eliminate the need to build your invaluable design patterns from scratch and focus on satisfying your organization’s analytic requirements.

Explore our Platform Modernization, Data Integration, MetaInsights and Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) product features to learn more about what we do and how we do it.

About A2B Data™

Built by seasoned data experts to fundamentally change the landscape for deployment of enterprise analytics solutions

A2B Data™ was crafted by a team of seasoned data management and business intelligence experts. We’ve witnessed firsthand the exorbitant costs and prolonged
development cycles that often plague enterprise analytics initiatives. We knew there had to be a more efficient, cost-effective solution. Over the past two decades, we’ve crafted a platform that combines a powerful knowledge base with pre-built components to fully eliminate common barriers to success. Our primary goal was to automate the complex science behind data management, allowing our clients to concentrate solely on the creative art of analytics.

Deliver lightning-fast data insights

Empower your Stakeholderss

Increase delivery velocity

Reduce overhead and costs

Increase competitive  advantage

Mitigate risks to your analytic initiatives