A2B Data™ software takes your data from multiple sources into one unified place using point and click technology for automated transformations.

Imagine allocating only a minimal amount of time to the design, development, and testing of the data processes to acquire, extract and load data into a staging area for your data warehouse and business intelligence projects. 

A2B Data™ was designed by a team of business intelligence experts after witnessing the huge amount of time and money spent on the data extraction and loading of staging areas for data warehouse projects at multiple clients. 

It was designed to save time and resources to gain more immediate analytic ROI on your data. By getting data where it needs to be in hours or days instead of weeks or months, the value of your data can be realized quickly.  Download: Brochure Page 1, Brochure Page 2


A2B Data™ supports these source files and databases:

  • Any flat-file formats
  • Any Commercially viable database
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Cluster-Based Architectures
  • Massive Parallel Processes and Appliances
  • Messaging and streaming

A2B Data ETL Tool compatible with GreenPlum Hadoop

What is A2B Data™?

  • Creates the foundational Staging area for a data warehouse or data mart in a matter of minutes – not days
  • Cloud based Software-as-a-Service (Saas) product
  • Designed to handle large volume and variety of data
  • Uses Change-Data-Capture technologies to update and maintain a current persistent, historical staging area
  • Staged objects are uniform in their architecture


 Key Features

  • Increases the ROI of your projects
    Reduces number of tasks for data acquisition and extraction thereby reducing time and costs.
  • Multi-source data integration
    Extracts and loads data from multiple tables or files
  • Delivers Useful Data Faster
    Virtually eliminates the traditional work required to design, develop and test extraction processes.  Data is available to your users for aggregation and analytical reporting.
  • No Coding
    With a few clicks to identify the source database, A2B Data™ will create multiple target tables and populate them with data.

    A2B Data™ will keep your target tables up-to-date with changes from the source tables.
  • Secure
    Your data is never sent to our Cloud server. The data never leaves your data center.
  • Better utilization of your project team
    Your ETL team can be assigned project tasks related complex transformations and to summarize or aggregate the data for analytical purposes.


 Where and How You Can Use A2B Data™

  • Building your first data warehouse
  • Adding data from additional source tables into an existing data warehouse
  • Creating data marts from operational source tables or from your data warehouse
  • Build a new Data Warehouse and retire your existing one.
  • Converting data from one RDBMS to a different RDBMS

Why have your team spend unnecessary time and their skills on the mundane extraction work? Let A2B Data™ handle the back end work of extracting and staging the data for you.