Want to Reduce Costs in Your Data Migration Projects? Here’s How

A2B Data

By: Sass Babayan  @SassBabayan 

How does A2B Data™ reduce costs during the project life cycle?  For the same reasons as it does to save time.  Using the ‘Time is Money’ philosophy, A2B Data™ reduces time – and costs – by doing the following:

  • Manages the design and processes to perform the data extraction, load and customized management of target databases and automatically generates the code to do these processes.  Resource time is not spent on the mundane and repetitive tasks found in extraction because the load processes are automated thus costs are reduced because resources do not need to perform these tasks.

Expert resources can now focus on development of more complex tasks such as data management and data transformations.  Resource costs can be devoted to these tasks instead of extraction and loading. As opposed to days and weeks of resource time and dollars to code data movement routines, A2B Data™ performs the data movement tasks in minutes as it is codeless and generates dynamic logic to perform the tasks.  Thus there are no resource development costs required to do the following:

    • Code data movement routines
    • Create an ETL map for every source to target migration
    • Manually develop the architecture, Change Data Capture (CDC), data extraction logic, data type translation, optimized loads and persists history of all changed data

The simple point-and-click A2B Data™ meta-data model allows the end user to simply navigate via point and click to set up the necessary source and target parameters.  Development costs are further reduced as resources are not spending time creating complex code or modules to identify data sources and their intended targets. 

GRAPH Illustrates the resource cost by object count:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 7.06.53 PM