The Surefire Method To Crush The Coding Inaccuracies in Data Acquisition

Are You Making These Data Acquisition Mistakes?

Managing different design patterns, coding style and coding errors are common challenges in the traditional manual environment.

A lot of project attention is placed to minimize the project risks of inaccurate mappings and data corruption. Since A2B Data™ is metadata driven, it makes no mistakes and 100% accuracy is achieved as long as the connections and source column mappings are set up correctly.

A2B Data™ Is Accurate and Consistent.

In the manual environment the human factors of writing inconsistent code, maintaining complicated logic and capturing minimal documentation is prevalent. However, in the automated environment A2B Data™ mitigates these inconsistencies as it is metadata driven and consistent logic is generated. To facilitate auditing and traceability, every step of the process is monitored in log files, operational metadata is captured and error logs are created.

A2B Data™ Is Extensible.

  • A2B Data™ was designed to:
  • Do the heavy lifting by automating the mundane and repetitive tasks of data acquisition.  
  • Uniquely offers intra, inter and extranet extraction functionality thus expanding the data acquisition function to both internal systems and remote sources.  
  • Supports varied data acquisition processes to collect heterogeneous data extracted from any source environment; whether it is be RDBMS, flat files, Cloud, Web, Messages, binary or large, unstructured data sets.
  • The data acquisition process of managing changed data, preserving history and transporting the data to a centralized repository is fully managed in A2B Data™.
  • Also, the application services can be extended across many nodes to allow for parallelism and load concurrencies.