Looking to Mitigate Project Risks in Your ETL?

A2B Data mitigates project risks in data migration

A2B Data™ and Project Success – How and Why
By Sass Babayan  @SassBabayan

Want to mitigate your data quality issues and ensure development consistency? A2B Data™ mitigates risks because it was designed to deliver enterprise data faster, more efficiently, consistently and of quality by doing the following:

  • A2B Data™ is cloud based and metadata driven, and includes best-of-class design patterns to manage the data acquisition processes
  • Avoids making errors as it is metadata driven
  • Generates consistent data extraction logic
  • Efficiently manages data

More importantly, no code is maintained.

In a matter of minutes, A2B Data™ will move heterogeneous data sets sourced from multiple databases, Excel, flat files or XML and load the data accurately into a central repository. For any errors observed, A2B Data™ will keep detailed log files and produce actionable exception reports. And for every table you have the option to Land or Stage the data thus maintaining a snapshot of the history as well as changed resources for use in analysis, problem solving and backup.

With Land, the most recent changed record is captured. With Stage, a snapshot of history is maintained and relevant control information is appended.