Is Fast Data the new Big Data? Why #BigData is No Longer Enough


What if the average time and effort you currently spent in your data extract processes for each object, per file or table could be reduced from thousands of hours to nearly zero?

“Big data is only as useful as its rate of analysis. Otherwise, businesses won’t gain access to the real-time suggestions and statistics necessary to make informed decisions with better outcomes. With fast data, information becomes more plentiful, more actionable and more beneficial to an organization”.
-Tx Zhuo,

Data Extracting involves tasking your existing development team, or bringing on supplemental staff to write programs, SQL scripts or to define processes using an ETL tool. Another team, or the same team of developers, write transformation and aggregation processes to update your ETL code and the data warehouse.

The result is thousands of hours spent on a process that could literally be accomplished in minutes.

A2B Data™, powered by WynTec, has developed a powerful tool that is now changing the way you move data forever. A2B Data™ addresses the unnecessary time spent on the data extract phase of your development projects and significantly reduces the work of your ETL team. What once took companies hundreds of man hours and millions of dollars to accomplish can now be reduced to nearly ZERO.

What Makes A2B Data™ a standout tool?

  1. Easy to setup
  2. Minimal effort to create and maintain
  3. Fast
  4. 100% Secure
  5. Economical
  6. Accurate
  7. Reliable

Let’s take a closer look at what A2B Data™ can do:

A2B Data™ will handle all three types of data extraction projects. From Initial Load to Staging area, to Extracting and Loading all of the data from multiple data sources and Change-Data-Capture.  On our Deeper Dive Video, you can see more features of A2B Data™.

A2BData 2016-05-16 at 11.22.19 AM

A2B Data™ moves heterogeneous data sets, sourced from multiple databases, xcel, flat files or XML and loads the data accurately into a central repository. For any errors observed, A2B Data will keep detailed log files and produce actionable exception reports. For every table, you have the option to Land or Stage the data.  With Land, the most recent changed record is captured, with Stage, a snapshot of history is maintained and relevant control information is appended.  A2B Data™ was designed to be the data acquisition tool of choice for any smart corporation; it avoids making errors as it is metadata driven, it generates consistent data extraction logic and it migrates data efficiently.  More importantly, no code is maintained.

In a live demonstration, you will see A2B Data™ extract data from multiple source tables, create new staging tables, and insert the data into a staging area. We will then run a process that changes the source data in various tables. You will see A2B Data™ process the changes in the source data from multiple tables and insert the new data into a staging area -All within just a few minutes, processing thousands of rows!

Data management can also be maintained remotely.

A2B Data™ can interface with external data found in the Cloud, extranet or remote services. The flexible framework can perform the data acquisition process from a remote location to a central server, which ensures all the data is encrypted and protected during the submission process.

A2B Data™ is disruptive technology that changes the data acquisition paradigm by automating the process.  It includes all the best practice designs for extracting and detecting change, leverages a metadata driven rules engine, does not produce ETL code, optimizes loads, extensible changed data capture, generates error-free target tables and eliminates a lot of unnecessary time and cost.

Everything that you’d expect from your current data extract processes created by your ETL development teams, can now be done in minutes. A source table or file that used to take 16 to 20 hours to extract can now be done in minutes – which allows you to receive your data, when you want it, how you want it and where you want it – without the wait or the costly overhead.