[Infographic] How A2B Data™ Compares to Manual Data Prosessing

This easy to follow Infographic shows the benefits and comparison of A2B Data™ vs. traditional ETL methods of data migration, landing, and staging.

What is A2B Data™ and Active Data Staging?

A2B Data™ is an automated ETL tool that makes your data migration projects easier by creating a solid foundation for your enterprise reporting.
Today, businesses require the right information at the right time to survive. Strategic reporting, dashboards, analytics, charts & graphs are no longer an option,  they’re essential. The challenge is your data is scattered all over your company, hidden away in various databases and files. To build successful enterprise reporting and still stay in control, you have to start with having your data all in one unified place.

That’s where Active Data Staging comes in. 

Active Data Staging gives you:

  • Flexibility to move data from ‘any source to any target’ database,
  • The ability to only process changed data so you don’t decelerate your systems,
  • Track your data changes over time with Slowly Changing Dimension logic
  • Create Instant Code for fast results without costly programmers,
  • and Maintain data quality via automated code generation, which reduces your testing time

How Active Data Staging Gives Project Managers a Quality Data Foundation

It’s Faster. No coding means no development time. Deploy in minutes, not months
It’s Economical. No coding means no programs to maintain
It’s Secure and mitigates development project risks, and
It’s Simple to deploy and maintain.

Wyntec’s Active Data Staging brings your reporting project to life without the common pitfalls you’ve had in the past. Plus, you can try out the free version of A2B Data™ and implement all the Active Data Staging concepts so your project can benefit right away.


A2B Data ETL tool for fast data migration with Hadoop