How To Save More Money in #Data Extraction By Doing Less


A2B Data™ is a paradigm shift with design criteria including faster, reliable, accurate and minimum administration resulting in a much lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) compared to traditional data extracts.

As opposed to days and weeks to code data movement routines, A2B Data™ is codeless, and generates dynamic logic to perform the tasks and executes in minutes.  It is no longer necessary to spend time and labor to create an ETL map for every source to target migration or manually develop the architecture and design including: Change Data Capture (CDC), data extraction logic, data type translation, optimized loads and persisted history of all changed data.  These design components are included out-of-the box with A2B Data™ thus the customer does not need to reinvent the architecture or design.  

These designs and disciplines are automated with best-practice models built in A2B Data™ thus freeing expert resources to focus on more complicated tasks such as data transformations and reporting.  

During the development, the traditional method of developing the extraction and load routines are manually developed one object at a time. Commonly the ETL mapping is built using expensive ETL tools or developed by SQL managed scripts.  Conservatively, for one source object adopting a traditional software plan, a developer will spend between 6-12 hours performing the data profiling, analysis, design, development, unit test, QA and deployment for one source object.  Additionally, the ETL code must be managed, source saved, migrated and versioned for each source object.

In contrast, A2B Data™ performs these functions in minutes and no code is maintained as it is metadata driven. The system automatically extracts the source metadata and performs custom mappings to a target framework. The user simply maneuvers through the portal and can set up multiple objects in the same effort.

When you extrapolate the time required to satisfy the customer’s thirst for Big Data analytics and sooner in the development life cycle, true value is realized with A2B Data™.

The laborious processes of versioning, migration and deployment of code are replaced with copy and paste features build in A2B Data™ portal. The DDL function of creating the target, hash, error and log files are also managed by A2B Data™. Additionally, as source structures change A2B Data™ streamlines the update process by detecting and highlighting the impact of change. Operational metrics are collected for each execution and aging dashboards are available within the portal.