Here’s How to Save Time in the Data Extract Project Life Cycle


A2B Data™ and Project Success – How and Why
By Sass Babayan  @SassBabayan

The traditional methods to develop the data extraction and load processes, for data lakes and enterprise data warehouses, is done manually.  This means a team or individual is spending a lot of time and effort processing thousands of rows of code and moving data sets. In many cases, hundreds of man hours.  And in the case of big data, which has become the norm, the more data you have, the longer it takes to code and migrate. With a typical process, big data migration using the traditional methods is becoming not only a thing of the past, but highly cost-prohibitive, time-sensitive and frankly, unnecessary.  With a
fast data migration tool available like A2B Data™, it only makes sense to automate the process.

How does A2B Data™ save time during the project life cycle?  

A2B Data™ manages the design and processes to perform the data extraction, load and customized management of target databases and automatically generates the code to do these processes.  Resources and resource time are not required for these processes thus the time window is shorter as the mundane and repetitive tasks found in extraction when the load processes are automated.

GRAPH: Highlights the time to deliver the data to production by object count:

Expert resources can now focus on development of more complex tasks such as data management and data transformations,  because they can now focus on the data management and transformation aspect and not on extraction and loading. The result is a win-win for everyone because time to delivery can be reduced.  As opposed to days and weeks to code data movement routines, A2B Data™ performs these tasks in minutes as it is code-less and generates dynamic logic to perform the tasks.

Additionally, it is no longer necessary to Create an ETL map for every source to target migration or Manually develop the architecture, Change Data Capture (CDC), data extraction logic, data type translation, optimized loads and persists history of all changed data.

Because these design and disciplines are automated with best-practice models built in A2B Data™, the end-user navigates via point and click to set up the data extraction and load processes, again saving time in setting up processes.

A2B Data Fast Data Extraction Tool

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