This New ETL Tool is a Major Game Changer in #BigData


Having worked with multiple clients over two decades on very large data extraction and data integration projects, the experts at WynTec set out to architect a product which would deliver tremendous labor savings for organizations with data warehousing, business intelligence, data integration, or data conversion projects. The result was A2B Data™, which is quickly becoming the data acquisition tool of choice for smart corporations.


DALLAS, TX  February 24, 2015 – WynTec, LLC has developed A2B Data™, a powerful database software solution that will change the way companies move data forever.  What once took teams thousands of hours to develop and managed data extraction utilities is now done 95% faster. A2B Data™ is truly a disruptive technology that punches a hole in the necessity to manually code the data extraction and load utilities.  A2B Data™ is cloud-based, metadata driven and includes best-of-class design patterns to manage the data acquisition processes.

A2B Data™ was designed to be the data acquisition tool of choice for any smart corporation; it avoids making errors as it is metadata driven, it generates consistent data extraction logic and efficiently manages data.  More importantly, no code is maintained.  In a matter of minutes, A2B Data™ will move heterogeneous data sets sourced from multiple databases, excel, flat files or XML and will load the data accurately into a central repository. For any errors observed, A2B Data™ will keep detailed log files and produce actionable exception reports.  For every table, you have the option to Land or Stage the data.  With Land, the most recent changed record is captured, while Stage, a snapshot of history is maintained and relevant control information is appended.


A2B Data™ is a paradigm shift with design criteria including faster, reliable, accurate and minimum administration resulting in a much lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) compared to traditional data extract and loading methods. When assessing TCO, the following factors should be considered: 

A2B Data™ Saves Labor

As opposed to days and weeks to code data movement routines, A2B Data™ performs these tasks in minutes as it is codeless and generates dynamic logic to perform the tasks.  No longer is it necessary to create an ETL map for every source to target migration.  No longer is it necessary to manually develop the architecture, Change Data Capture (CDC), data extraction logic, data type translation, optimized loads and persists history of all changed data.  Now, these design and disciplines are automated with best-practice models built in A2B Data™.

With A2B Data™ performing the data acquisition function; frees the expert resources to focus on other more complicated and less mundane tasks such as data transformations and reporting. A2B Data™ was designed to mitigate the project risks and deliver enterprise data faster, more efficient, consistent and of quality. 

A2B Data™ Saves Time and Money

Architecture and Design

Typically it takes 1000s of hours and includes many expert resources working together to establish the architect and design to perform the data extraction methods necessary for data acquisition function.  This is magnified by the number of source connections feeding the enterprise target; ranging from disparate and heterogeneous database, external data, flat files, CSV, XML, JSON, unstructured and structured storage (the list goes on).  Also, considerable time is placed in building the necessary change data capture (CDC) for each source database technology, establishing a solid error handing and log file framework, optimizing the data movement, parallelism and data piping, data loading and establishing a consistent persistence strategy to land and stage the source object. Setting these design components up takes considerable time and expertise. These design components must be in place before one line of code can be written to move data. A2B Data™ includes all these features out-of-the-box and does not require the customer to reinvent the architecture and design necessary for data acquisition.


Now that the architecture is in place, the traditional method of developing the extraction and load routines are manually developed one object at a time. Commonly the ETL mapping is built using expensive ETL tools or developed by SQL managed scripts. Conservatively, for one source object, adopting a traditional software plan, a developer will spend between 6-12 hours performing the data profiling, analysis, design, development, unit test, QA and deployment.  Additionally, the ETL code must be managed, source saved, migrated and versioned. Keep in mind, this process is replicated as separate code is maintained for each source objected.

In contrast, A2B Data™ performs these functions in minutes and no code is maintained as it is metadata driven. The system automatically extracts the source metadata and performs custom mappings to a target framework. The user simply maneuvers through the portal and can set up multiple objects in the same effort. 

When you extrapolate the time required to satisfy the customer’s thirst for Big Data analytics true value is realized with A2B Data™. Besides the hard savings in time and dollars, the subjective value of offering the data sooner in the development lifecycle has many advantages.

Release, Support and Operations

Laborious processes of versioning, migration and deployment of code are replaced with copy and paste features build in A2B Data™ portal. The DDL function of creating the target, hash, error and log files are also managed by A2B Data™. Additionally, as source structures change A2B Data™ streamlines the update process by detecting and highlighting the impact of change. Operational metrics are collected for each execution and aging dashboards are available within the portal.

A2B Data™ Is Accurate and Consistent

Managing different design patterns, coding style and coding errors are common challenges in the traditional manual environment. A lot of project attention is placed to minimize the project risks of inaccurate mappings and data corruption. Since A2B Data™ is metadata driven, it makes no mistakes and 100% accuracy is achieved as long as the connections and source column mappings are set up correctly.

In the manual environment the human factors of writing inconsistent code, maintaining complicated logic and capturing minimal documentation is prevalent. However, in the automated environment A2B Data™ mitigates these inconsistencies as it is metadata driven and consistent logic is generated. To facilitate auditing and traceability, every step of the process is monitored in log files, operational metadata is captured and error logs are created. 

A2B Data™ Is Extensible

A2B Data™ was designed to do the heavy lifting by automating the mundane and repetitive tasks of data acquisition.  Uniquely offers intra, inter and extranet extraction functionality expanding the data acquisition function to both internal systems and remote sources.  A2B Data™ supports varied data acquisition processes to collect heterogeneous data extracted from any source environment; whether it is RDBMS, flat files, Cloud, Web, Messages, binary or large unstructured data sets.  The data acquisition process of managing changed data, preserving history and transporting the data to a centralized repository is fully managed in A2B Data™. Also, the application services can be extended across many nodes to allow for parallelism and load concurrencies.

A2B Data™ Is Fast

A2B Data™ saves considerable time to program the data acquisition function.  Additionally, A2B Data™ job executions are very efficient as the architecture and design leverages best-of-breed performance measures at the database, logic, network and connection level.  Unlike many replication tools that move all the data across the network, A2B Data™ allows the customer to only move changed data.  This save considerable network traffic and performance is vastly improved.  Also A2B data™ offers flexible change data capture (CDC) methods triggered at individual object level.  A differentiator as other replication tools as they tend to perform the same CDC method across the span of sources. 

A2B Data™ Subscription Based Pricing

A2B Data™ is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), with no heavy upfront license or annual maintenance fees since the pricing is based on usage.  The usage model includes tiered usage calculated monthly.  Starting from a base tier, there are embedded discounts for each tier increments. Tier levels are calculated based on active objects (source table or file).  In addition to the usage price, the customer has the flexibility of choosing three levels of support services: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

Foot Note

WynTec’s focus over the last two decades is centered on establishing enterprise frameworks for organizations that seek to mine their information as a corporate asset.  We have invested and partnered with formidable companies in the industry to build the products and services around A2B Data™.  The data acquisition process is expedited and coordinated by A2B Data™ to deliver value by automating the mundane and repetitive tasks.  By separating the source to target knowledge, developing best-practice design patterns, offering variable change data capture methods and metadata driven rules created a game changing product – A2B Data™. 

Please visit our website ( to see how our tools and services can help you achieve the best TCO for your data acquisition challenge.  We welcome you to forward this information to interested parties or contact us for discussion on how this framework can help you with your enterprise data management.      

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